Tips for using automatic polishing machine
2021-04-12 22:41:43

The main purpose of the operation of the automatic polishing machine is to increase the polishing rate, which can reduce the damage layer generated during the polishing process. If the rate is high, the polishing damage layer will not cause false tissues and will not affect the material structure finally observed. If you use coarser abrasive, you can remove the polishing damage layer, but it also has a negative effect, that is, it will deepen the damage layer generated during polishing. If you use finer abrasive, you can greatly reduce the damage layer generated during polishing, but the polishing speed will also decrease. The main method to solve this problem is to perform it in stages during polishing. You can perform rough polishing first, wear away the damaged layer, and then perform fine polishing to remove the polishing damaged layer. This does not speed up the speed, and also has the effect of reducing damage.

The automatic polishing machine is relatively simple to use, and the entire polishing process is automated. The operator can put the material to be polished on the fixture, and then fix it to the table of the polishing machine, and then can start the polishing machine. After the polishing is completed, the machine will automatically stop, then only need to remove the material That's it.

It should be noted here that before polishing, the distance between the polishing head and the table needs to be adjusted to improve the polishing effect. In the process of polishing, you can use manual, which can reduce the cost of polishing.