What safety technologies should be paid attention to in the polishing process of the polishing machine
2021-04-12 22:41:18

Polishing is performed in front of the fast rotating polisher and polishing machine. It is very paralyzed in thought and it is very likely that unsafe accidents may occur. The following points should be paid special attention to.

1. Grasp the grip of the workpiece correctly. Hold a relatively large area during operation, and it is not easy to catch your hand if it falls off.

2. It is necessary to prevent the foot from being hurt if the parts fall off. During operation, both feet must be protected by a protective frame, the style of the protective frame is shown in the figure.

3. Never wear glove during operation. During the operation, the contact surface between the fingers and the parts must be insulated with hand pads, and gloves must not be worn to avoid accidents caused by the parts around the gloves.

4. If the part falls off during operation, it must be shut down before picking up. Shutting down first is to avoid accidents caused by touching the rotating polishing wheel when picking up after getting up.

5. Shut down immediately if the workpiece goes around the runner during operation. If the workpiece is not shut down at this time, it may be thrown out and an industrial injury accident may occur; for this, in addition to shutting down immediately, it must also leave the scene immediately.

6. In addition to the above points, the fire protection should be paid attention to during the polishing, polishing and polishing. When the same polishing machine and polishing machine are used together for polishing and polishing, it is possible that the velvet thrown off the cloth wheel during polishing is ignited when the polishing wheel and the sparks produced by the polishing of the parts are ignited. With the help of wind power at the discharge outlet, it caused a fire. This phenomenon is by no means rare, and we must be vigilant.